Truly Impressed With Aussie Wide Roof Painting! ★★★★★
We did not have much money for a new roof. Aussie Wide Roof Painting gave us several options. Their price and terms were very reasonable.  I would recommend this company. ~ D. Thomas

Honored Their Warranty  ★★★★★
Aussie Wide Roof Painting applied a roof coating for us several years ago.  I noticed a leak and immediately thought the worse. I dealt with roofers in the past that either went out of business or once they got paid, would never come back.  I was not only pleased to know that they were very much in business but they promptly honored their warranty. ~ T. Meeks

Thanks!!  ★★★★★
I live in a suburban area.  Naturally, I was concerned about the extra cost for travel to do a roof.  Aussie Wide Roof Painting quoted a price lower than nearby contractors.  The work was completed in a professional manner and we no longer have any leaks.  R. William